Technical Information

Hydrakai explained

Hydrakai is a mineral based organic soil conditioner that is designed to carry hundreds of times it own weight of H20 in the soil

This moisture enables stable temperature, microbubbles, microorganisms and reducing compaction of soil, this is key to a thriving subsurface ecosystem.

Plants have been shown to grow a larger root system to take advantage of this healthier environment.

The product has been designed to flow through seed drills efficiently, it’s not overly dusty and is easy to handle.
It comes in 40kg bags for easy application to the seed drill bin.

Once its in the ground, often results are obvious in just seven days, Plants shoot faster, have more luster and studies have shown crop yields can be superior.

With an application rate of 100kgs per hectare, a 1000 kgs goes a long way.

Downloadable documents

Material Safety Datasheet

Real world comparisons

Below are details of a Trial of Coriander and White Radish grown in a controlled trial vs traditional farming methods.

As you can see, the crops grown with Hydrakai have a 25% increase in yield and due to the complete lack of traditional nutrient added compared to the control, a 39% decrease in in cost.

This is only after one cycle. 

White Radish – Comparison (44 days per crop instead of two months)

Without hydrakai

Corriander – Comparison (45 days per crop instead of three months)

Nutritional improvement

Independant testing has varified that a crop grown with Hydrakai can also gain improvements in nutritional value.

Soil health

Studies have shown that Hydrakai will improve soil hydration, leading to improved microbes and worm activity, a decrease in compaction, which leads to an increase in hydration penetration, root growth and overall plant health.

Years of synthetic nutrient application have had an impact on soil and groundwater health.

Hydrakai helps enable nature to correct this balance, making our soils healthier and more resilient.


Observed Yield Increases

The table below is from testing undertaken during trials in an arid area in the Middle east.

Indivudual results may vary based on your soil types, rainfall and topology but it does showcase how well Hydrakai performs in the areas where these tests have been undertaken.