Better yields

Once its in the ground, often results are obvious in just seven days, Plants shoot faster, have more luster and studies have shown crop yields can be superior.
With an application rate of 100kgs per hectare, a 1000 kgs goes a long way.
Hydrakai is the future of sustainable farming.

Lower costs

At an application rate of 100kg per hectare, Hydrakai can decrease costs significantly.

When you use Hydrakai, you do not need to supliment with synthetic fertilizers.  

Potential drought resistance

By enabling soils to hold moisture at the appropriate depth, Hydrakai improves and help to stabilise soil moisture thereby reducing soil temperatures and reducing excessive evapotranspiration. 

Studies have shown where crops were farmed using high levels of irrigation, that after the application of Hydrakai, watering can reduce to as little as once in 45 days (depends on soil type)